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Bar Y Ranch

Bar Y Ranch is a family run operation expanding their beef sales to a larger audience with an online store, where customers can order direct and have their beef delivered right to their door. The website is built to highlight the quality of their operation, and make it easy for customers to access detailed information about the farm to table process, to feel good about their purchase.

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Branding, Website

the brand

The lane into Mossie's is a charming rural road that slowly curves around other farm yards, trees on either side. The private car park is tucked away in those tall trees, standing between you and the property, so it isn't until you walk under the archway that the house comes into view. It's the most peaceful setting and your own little world, nestled among the trees and overlooking the ocean.

The house is the heart of all the specialness that comes from a stay at Mossie's, so it felt like a natural fit to be the jumping off point of the brand. The sketch style encompasses the casual elegance and luxury of the space.

This is also the case with the typography chosen - primarily an timeless serif, with a few doses of casual script to add a pop of personality.

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